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Our Society is a charity that was founded in 1938 to argue for the protection of the landscapes, built heritage and wildlife of the Dedham Vale, the area known as Constable Country as it dominates the works of John Constable RA, England's finest landscape artist.

It is largely thanks to our campaigning members that the water-meadows, fields and villages along the River Stour painted by John Constable are now an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

This statutory protection is challenged annually through hundreds of planning applications and the actions of developers and utilities. Maintaining the Vale's essential character and wildlife against creeping urbanisation in all its forms requires constant vigilance and regular intervention in the planning system.

This is our role and we need as many members as possible for our voices to be heard. Whether you live in the Vale or beyond it but care about preserving the unique character of this beautiful area, please join us.

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