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Membership of the Society costs just £10 per person per year, or £15 per year for two people living at the same address. This is payable by a straightforward banker's order, which can be completed by downloading the single sheet application form and then sending by post to the membership secretary. The Society can benefit from the tax concession available through GIFT AID, which merely involves signing the appropriate part of the form.

For more than 80 years the Dedham Vale Society has been caring for the Vale. To ensure that this work continues, it needs your support.

The strength of any society lies in the number of its members. Since its formation in 1938, membership of the Dedham Vale Society has been steadily increasing year on year, which has resulted in a similar increase in the level of protection and influence the Society has been able to bring about. Membership currently stands at just over 800.

All members receive the Society's excellent Newsletter twice a year. As well as giving details of potential threats to the Vale and the Society's reaction, the newsletter features articles of interest to members and photographs depicting particular scenes in the Vale, out of the ordinary buildings, or as illustrations accompanying articles. (See the Newsletters page)

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