Protecting the sky at night and the views of our treasured landscapes

Ronald Blythe once wrote of the Vale: The skies are famously high and there are many more trees than when Constable walked to his uncle's farm a mile or two away.

The gulls still follow the huge ploughs in screaming flocks but the agricultural landscape is now strangely uninhabited, as Blythe also remarked. Gainsborough and Constable would have found it strange: their landscapes were all toil.

We at the Dedham Vale Society have tried since 1938 to preserve the views that people are lured to by great art.  Often this has meant campaigning successfully against electricity wires in villages and against the march of pylons across protected landscapes.

One of our Society's latest campaigns is to protect landscapes of the Vale from intense housing pressure by extending the AONB as far as Cornard, painted by Gainsborough.  We also have a campaign to protect the sky at night by getting the Vale internationally recognised as a Dark Sky Park.