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East Bergholt Campaign

Proposed Major Development: Moores Lane, East Bergholt
Campaigners are fighting plans for a new proposal to build 144 dwellings including courtyard business units
which would bring a mix of 50 affordable homes and 94 town houses and apartments to the outskirts of the village.
Action East Bergholt are fighting the proposals which they say will ruin the rural character of their village

Mistley Quay Campaign

Controversial fence at Mistley Quay
In September 2008 a fence was erected along Mistley Quay by Trent Wharfage, owners of the quay, with the objective of preventing public access to the quayside either from land or from the river.
Following a nine day inquiry on behalf of Essex County Council the Council declared Mistley Quay to be a Village Green.
The operator of the port at Mistley, has applied to the High Court for the decision of ECC to be reviewed; ECC will be defending their decision at a hearing in 2015. Campaingers continue fundraising to support the campaign to established public rights of access to the Stour estuary. Free The Quay are leading the campaign


Previous Campaigns

Horkesley Park Campaign

Horkesley Park Heritage and Conservation Centre
Bunting and Sons' proposals Horkesley Park Heritage and Conservation Centre was refused by the ColchesterBorough Council Planning Committee on 27 May 2011. An Appeal was dismissed by the Secretary of State in April 2014.
However, the future of the site still remains uncertain. The site was bought in April 2014 by W & H Park Limited (managed by Pigeon Investment Management Limited). Their intention is to build a small number of houses and cottages on the land kn
own as the nurseries area. The Stour Valley Action Group monitored their proposals. Planning permission was granted on 20th October 2016

NATS Flightpath Campaign
N.A.T.S. Proposed Flight Path Changes
In early 2008 National Air Traffic Services (NATS) announced a public consultation on proposed air space changes across the South-East. One year on they say the plan is being taken back to the drawing board after an overwhelming thumbs down from people across the region.

Pylons Campaign
National Grid's plans for a new line of Pylons
National Grid are looking to link an extra set of cables between their substation in Bramford, near Ipswich, and a power junction in Twinstead, near Sudbury. They announced a public consultation would be held in January 2010. Campaigners believe National Grid now has an opportunity to put all the existing high-voltage wires underground.